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Donations needed to complete Sandy Hook quilts

PERRYSBURG, OH (Toledo News Now) -

A Perrysburg organization needs your help to continue its mission to send quilts to the families that lost loved ones in the Sandy Hook shooting back in December.

Blue Skies Quilting and Gifts is a not-for-profit store with a mission to quilt those grieving with a handmade creation from the heart. The business is in danger of closing its doors, due to a lack of funding to keep quilting. Still, they say they are determined to sew and ship quilts to the families of Sandy Hook first.

"It is a big undertaking, a big faith venture," said Theresa Howard.

The quiet community of Newtown has been under a blanket of sorrow since Dec. 14, when an armed gunman entered Sandy Hook Elementary School, shooting and killing 20 children and six teachers trying to protect them.

News of the horrific tragedy spread quickly across the country. Theresa Howard says she will never forget how that news made her feel.

"I was so stunned, and I think everybody was just rehearsing details of what these families must have been feeling," said Howard.

Howard's heart ached as she thought of the 26 victims and those left behind to live their lives without them. She says she wanted to do something to let the families know she cared. So she made a call to the superintendent in Newtown and got busy crafting quilts personalized to celebrate the life of each of the victims and what they loved.

"This little girl right here, they called her 'our little humming bird.' So humming bird fabric is the center, the focus fabric of her quilt," explained Howard.

Each of the quilts take about 10 hours to complete and cost about $100 to make. So far, four out of 26 are done.

Howard is afraid she will not be able to finish without donations of time and money, plus materials, such as batting.

"It is a way for us to fulfill our mission, and our mission is to quilt the world with love and comfort," said Howard.

For more information or to help visit

Blue Skies Quilting and Gifts
116 W. Indiana Avenue
Perrysburg, OH 43551

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