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Kasich tax reform plan draws mixed reaction

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) -

With Ohio Governor John Kasich delivering his State of the State address on Tuesday, a key component of his budget proposal is tax reform.

The governor's plan calls for reducing the state sales tax from 5.5 to 5 percent. Denny Amrhein at Grogan's Towne says that would help fuel additional car sales.

"Oh definitely it will. Anytime you're dropping taxes it'll get more people thinking about buying. As soon as we know for sure it's been approved we can advertise it," said Amrhein.

Democratic State Representative Matt Szollosi says while he considers the governor's plan to be well thought out, he opposes governor's plan to expand the sales tax to apply to services provided by accountants, engineers and lawyers.

"I don't want legal services to cost more than they already do. Folks that may need to consult with an attorney not always are in the position to pay more," said Szollosi.

Szollosi says he agrees with the governor's goal of improving the state economy, he does not agree on the proposed path to get there.

"I happen to think his tax proposal is really a shift of the burden of taxation in this state from the wealthy to folks that are in the working class. The purpose for expansion of the sales tax is so the governor can pay for the state income tax cut," said Szollosi.

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