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Springfield school board puts off levy


In January, the Springfield Local Board of Education revealed plans to put a new 5.9 mill operating levy on the May ballot, but now the board is backing down and reconsidering its original plans.

A couple of factors have come into play.

Ohio Governor John Kasich's new budget calls for a 38 percent increase in state funding for the district. That amounts to $1.2 million.

"We're waiting to make sure the full budget increase is approved by the general assembly, and then watch tax revenue come in and decide if we need to pursue [the levy] again," said District Treasurer Ryan Lockwood.

Then there's a staff audit, which will reveal if the Springfield district is okay as is, overstaffed, or understaffed.

"If we increase staff, we'll need more money to do so," Lockwood explained.

The staff audit should be complete by early April.

Meanwhile, parents Toledo News Now talked to support the board postponing any levy action until the financial picture is a little more clear.

"If I have to pay taxes to have my son have a good education, I'm all for it," said Jill Puhlman. "If they're going to throw money away, then no."

Lockwood said if the district decides to go to the voters for money, the earliest that could occur is August.

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