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Your Week in Viral Videos: No really, you won't believe this

(RNN) – Many folks devoted time this week to doing something romantic for the people they love.

However, we here at YWVV think this should be a time of reflection and thanks for those who were fortunate enough not to have booked a weekend cruise on the Carnival Triumph. We're guessing the people who arrived in Mobile, AL, on Friday didn't have nearly as good a time as these folks.

On to better news, a meteor played tag with the earth and zombies invaded Montana. Wait, we said better news, didn't we?


All of us at some point have tried to stretch the truth and test our parents' boundaries, but possibly not as brazenly as this little boy.

We're guessing that if he was really pressed about the issue he could produce a good reason for lying to his mother.

It was for the greater good of the public that he protected the secrets of effective junk food swiping. And by the way, he may have swallowed, but he most certainly did not chew.


We tried to think of a more creative subtitle for this video, but what do you say about a huge space object that buzzes earth and blows out a bunch of windows?

This video from Russia – and there's a lot of footage, so apparently Russians are very technologically advanced or they're extremely paranoid – shows the meteor passing at different stages.

It's pretty cool to watch, and it's one of the rare instances people should regret superheroes don't really exist.


Of all things, why hack the CW network in Montana during the middle of the day and run a fake public service announcement about rampant zombies?

Well, it's Montana, and it probably hasn't been cold enough up there to do things people normally do in the middle of winter, so boredom set in.

The question we should be asking is if there were any people who actually fell for this little ruse. Oh, you can probably figure that one out.


A 350-pound running back from Hawaii has steamrolled the internet this week at about the same rate he runs over poor, helpless teenagers trying to tackle him.

After watching him play, two things become abundantly clear.

First, he could easily find a home in a prestigious college football program. And two, he will definitely not be a running back when he gets there.


No, not the one that is stepping down. The late Pope John Paul II took swings in the batting cage – and looked like a total boss doing it – in footage from a 1987 video.

The owner of the batting cage and two guys we will casually call the pontiff's "handlers" talk nonchalantly as the pope consistently makes solid contact.

Sad to say, in this day and age some people would speculate he was juicing; although the pope would probably argue his power came from a higher source.


Will Ferrell doing something else stupid

Future NBA star

Death to the Harlem Shake (This is the real Harlem Shake, by the way)

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