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Cohen reveals SOTU tweet recipient is his daughter

(WMC-TV) - Congressman Steve Cohen confirms the model he was tweeting during the State of the Union address is his daughter. 

Following the address, many of Cohen's constituents expressed concern over the fact that he was tweeting messages to the young woman during the president's important speech.

Cohen's office initially said she was the daughter of a longtime friend.  But Thursday night, Cohen admitted he learned this woman was his daughter three years ago.  This is the first time he publicly shared that information.

During Tuesday night's State of the Union address, Memphis Congressman Steve Cohen is seen peeking at his phone then putting it down to give President Obama a standing ovation.

Halfway through the address, around 8:30 p.m., Cohen sent a tweet to 24-year-old model Victoria Brink.

In one tweet, Cohen tells Brink, "pleased you are watching, ilu", which stands for 'I love you'.

In another, he says "nice to know you're watching the State of the Union. Happy Valentine's Day beautiful girl. ILU".

Cohen's tweets were the talk of his district this Valentine's Day.

"That goes to show you he had his mind on other things except the State of the Union," said Memphis resident Jerome Holloway.

Cohen deleted the tweets after he realized they were public and not a private direct message.

Many in his district feel his attention should have been focused on the president.

"Everybody carries a phone but it should have been off for something that important," added Holloway.

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