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Does It Work: Wax Vac

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Wax Vac promises to pull out ear wax much better than traditional cotton swabs, but Does It Work?

April Vance has goldenhar syndrome, a condition she was born with that only allows her to hear 50 percent out of one ear. Meantime, her son has tubes inside his ears. She said both of them have issues with ear wax, making them the perfect testers for Wax Vac. 

Makers promise this ear vacuum can suck out wax in as little as 30 seconds and remove much more debris than the common cotton swab.

We insert fresh batteries, place on a proper tip, and hold the Wax Vac just one-eighth of an inch into Vance's ear, as directed.

"Nothing. I don't even feel sucking power," she said.

We hold it in longer. Still, nothing. Then, we change tips and try the other ear, just to be sure. Still, there is nothing happening. 

Vance said it feels like a nice ear massage, but her Q-tip pulls out more wax than this.

I let her keep it for a few days so she could try all of the tips and hold the vacuum in place for a much longer time. 

In the meantime, the offer was "buy one, get one free." So, I took home the freebie and used it, just to make sure the one we used with Vance wasn't what they call a "factory dud." 

It wasn't. Both Wax Vac machines never pulled any wax from our ears. We even changed batteries. 

"I'd give it an 'F.' I'm really disappointed," said Vance.

Vance said it's back to ear candling, rinses and cotton swabs for her family.

The $20 Wax Vac pulls a failing grade 'F' on this Does It Work test.

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