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Looking for love

Dating web sites Dating web sites

Finding love can be difficult. 19 Action News stopped into Progressive Daters speed date night in Cleveland and found what you would expect.                         

"I want somebody with a good personality obviously somebody that you can talk to, somebody that's a good listener," explained one male dater.

"Tall, ambitious, career focused. smart, intelligence is very important," countered a female dater.

There are plenty of fish, but when you show up to a pond like this, there's all different kinds of fish.

What if there was a perfect dating world. You know, you're niche. Ohh, did we find it. Dating websites have gotten so specific it's almost scary.

Into clowns? Need to find clown love? There's www.boohiccup.com.

There's www.dateagolfer.com for those who want to tee it up with a mate.

Down to be "down on the farm" www.farmersonly.com.

There's also www.stachepassions.com for the ladies who like that tickle on the upper lip.

Into black eye make-up and piercing's? You can head to www.gothicmatch.com.

If buff living is the way you like it www.naturistpassion.com is where nudists go to find love.

For horse owners/lovers  there's www.equestriancupid.com

Like lathering on the patchouli oil? www.datingforhippies.com is for you.

We suggest being careful connecting with www.womenbehindbars.com

Bottom line, and in some case we do mean bottom line, there appears to be something out there for just about everyone.

"I've created 170 marriages," said Tracy Corpus, a relationship specialist with Progressive Daters. She has a warning for singles looking at some of these niche sites.

"I think if you meet a larger group of people, broaden your horizons just a bit, you may find that that little small thing such as mustache that you were looking for you make pick up something else that you really didn't even realize you were looking for."

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