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Local market owner's West Side Market roots run deep

The Chuppa Family at the West Side Market The Chuppa Family at the West Side Market

At Chuppas Marketplace in Parma you'll always find a line of customers, and the whole Chuppa family chipping in.

It all started at the West Side Market where the Chuppa's had a produce stand for 30 years until 2003.

"I worked there since I was eight years old, myself and my two sisters," said Pauly Chauppa son of founder Paul Chauppa.  "When they got home from school everybody had to go to the market to work," said Paul.

The Chuppa's original West Side Market sign hangs in Parma at the new location, but the Chuppa's roots back to the Westside Market run deep.

Since fire ripped through the Westside Market on January 30th, even the most lucrative stand is without customers.  Even the produce stands, that are open, are struggling.

Meanwhile the vendors inside the market, the meat, dairy and bakeries have been at a complete standstill. Tommy Boutros, Vice President of West Side Market Tenants Associates, said "Without them we're running about 25% of our business."

"We feel sorry for the vendors at Westside Market because we know they are all hard working people trying to make it," said Pauly Chuppa.

Wednesday the Chuppa family decided to give back to the place they started at, "I just want to give you a check for $2,000 from Chuppa's marketplace to West  Side Market Tenants Association."

The Chuppa families said they are glad they could help out.

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