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Delay on charges in deadly hit and run

Maxine Lobins (Source: Family) Maxine Lobins (Source: Family)

19 Action News has learned more investigation will be done before any final decision on charges against a teenage girl for a deadly hit and run in Cleveland.

Reporter Ed Gallek has learned there are still questions to be answered about the suspect's vehicle and the teenage driver.

On Wednesday, January 9 at 7:53 a.m., Maxine Lobins was walking with a walker on the side of the roadway on Lorain Avenue attempting to cross in the crosswalk and was struck by a black SUV that was operating eastbound on Lorain Avenue.

After hitting the great-grandmother, the teenage driver did not stop and continued eastbound on Lorain. Lobins was taken to Fairview Hospital, where she was pronounce dead on arrival.

As a result of investigative leads, interviews and with the assistance of the Fairview Park Police Department, Accident Investigation Unit Detectives were able to identify the suspect's vehicle - a black 2013 GMC Arcadia SUV and later identify the suspect.

Ultimately, Cuyahoga County Prosecutors will decide if there are any charges and if they are misdemeanor or felony offenses.

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