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BEWARE: Another ATM copy device located

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Another ATM copy device was found Monday.

According to police, the new device that crooks are using was located at the Chase bank ATM on Broadview Road in Seven Hills.

Shawn Stettin and his girlfriend Sarah Cox said they made the unusual discovery when they stopped at the ATM Sunday afternoon to withdraw some cash.

"When I slid the card in it was very tight. Much tighter than a normal ATM. It also looked like it moved a little bit when I was pulling it out," said Shawn Stettin.

"He put it back up on there to show me what he had pulled off and it looked exactly like the actual ATM machine," said Sarah Cox.

"I was in a state of confusion. Then I grabbed her and I was like I think your card just got the numbers stolen," said Shawn.

Sunday's incident now has this couple on alert.

"I'm probably going to check the card slot every time now," said Shawn.

Last week Mentor Police warned residents to be aware of attempted identity thefts at local bank ATMs.

Recently Westlake Police also arrested two individuals for placing the copy devices on area ATMs. 

Devices like these are used to record all the account information stored electronically on a card's magnetic strip.

By some estimates, skimming schemes in the U.S. are responsible for $350,000 in monetary loses every day.

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