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Another fight at John Adams High School caught on tape

Clip of the cell phone video Clip of the cell phone video

A young man in a hoodie gets up and is warned by a teacher to sit down or leave.  But he doesn't sit down, and it appears the teacher doesn't do anything as he approaches a girl seated at a desk and wallops her.

It seemed everyone in the classroom knew what was going to happen.  Obviously, this is no fight staged for Youtube.

As the fight moves closer to the camera, a second boy in a red shirt tries to intervene, and then it's on.

With a steady stream of violent video's flowing out of John Adam's classrooms you've got to be asking the question any reasonable person would ask, is there any learning going on in there?

At the district office, no one could speak.  But they did follow up and sent a statement saying that the kid in the hoodie that started the fight had entered a room where he didn't belong, ignored the teacher and hit the other student. 

We're told security and the principal got the boy and he was disciplined appropriately.  They did not tell us what that punishment was.

The district says safety incidents are down 42% district wide this year, and down 21% at John Adams over a year ago. 

They have increased staffing for safety and security.

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