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Woman ordained Catholic priest against rules of Church

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) -

It's never happened at all in Toledo. A woman, ordained as a Catholic priest.

But it's controversial.

The ordination will not be recognized by the Diocese of Toledo.

Don't call her Father, rather Rev. Beverly Bingle.

Women aren't allowed to be priests in the Catholic Church.

Rev. Bingle had already been excommunicated after being ordained as a deacon last year.

In a statement, the Diocese called the Saturday ceremony, "invalid and illicit."

Rev. Bingle has her own ideas as to why the church doesn't recognize women priests.

"I think it's part of the economic structure of the church and they're afraid that we will do something different, and I think that's true," said Rev. Bingle.

The ordination was conducted by a bishop from a group called 'Roman Catholic Women Priests.'

Its website reports there are now women priests in 29 states.

Rev. Bingle says she answered a calling from God to become a priest when she was eight years old.

"We are not just looking for ordination for women, we're also looking for a renewed Catholic church," said Rev. Bingle.

Rev. Bingle is starting her own church.

Mass will be held every Sunday at 5:30pm at Unity of Toledo on Executive Parkway.

"I'm enthralled. It's wonderful. It's great. She's a beautiful person," said Lillian Lewis, who attended the ordination.

Despite her excommunication and lack of recognition by the diocese, many folks support Rev. Bingle and other women priests.

"The church needs women voices in higher places. This is a beginning," said John Houk.

"I think it's a great idea and I'd like to see her minister to more people," added Phil Klunk.

A ministry that's new to Toledo yet shunned by local Catholic officials.

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