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List shows council members owe water bills, councilman reacts

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) -

Toledo City Councilman Rob Ludeman is accusing the Bell administration of playing dirty, after a list was released revealing which members of council have not paid their water bills.

The list was released just days after council met to discuss a controversial new $200 water deposit that the administration decided to impose on new homeowners.

Many council members felt that the administration hadn't been up-front with them when it came to the new utility changes.

Now Ludeman said someone from within the administration compiled this list and he wants to know who.

"Should they pay their water bills? Yes, they should pay their bills," he said of those on the list. "However, this is not about paying bills. This is about driving a wedge and trying to embarrass people."

The list shows that five out of 12 council members are delinquent in their water bills: Adam Martinez, Mike Craig, Shaun Enright, Lindsay Webb, and Tyrone Riley. Riley owes the most – over $5,000 on different properties.

 "The need for cooperation between the administration is always there," Ludeman said. "And I think this, in one fell swoop, drives a wedge between the administration and city council, and I think it's going to potentially escalate from there."

For his part, Mayor Mike Bell said the list was compiled to make sure no one on council had a conflict of interest when discussing the water deposit. He said his administration did not release the list nor talk about it, it was for informational purposes only.

The list also included Mayor Bell and Public Utilities Director Dave Welch – both are caught up on their bills now.

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