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BG schools don’t get increased state funding, need levy passed

BOWLING GREEN, OH (Toledo News Now) -

Bowling Green City Schools are not set to receive any increased funding from the state, and with a failed income tax levy in November, the district is desperate to raise money for their operating fund.

A property tax levy on the May ballot may be their only hope.

"We were clinging to the thread of hope that possibly there would be enough of an increase in state funding that we would not have to continue to go to our constituents for money," said Superintendent Ann McVey.

So the district is now relying on a continuing operational levy. Since 2004, they've cut 48 ½ employees from the district and have closed several buildings, but they are running out of options.

"Where we're going to have to head next, really, is looking at the wonderful programming that we have for our students," McVey said. "And all of the extracurriculars that we know are critical to a child's educational experience."

The property levy will cost the homeowner of a $150,000 home about $25 per month. McVey said it is worth the cost for students.

"It is critical," she said. "We need to pass the levy."

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