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4 teens arrested for Walbridge break-in

The Mata home The Mata home
Walbridge, OH (Toledo News Now) -

Four teens have been arrested in connection to a break-in of a Walbridge home.

Miguel Mata had noticed the shed at his mother's house he been tampered with, so he made an extra trip to check on the house Tuesday night. Because he did, the family was able to recover all of their stolen items from the Walbridge Police Department.

Mata was leaving a friend's house down the road from his mother's on Wilbur Street late on February 5. His brother Juan explained what happened next.

"He drove by, and he said he seen a van, so he pulled back in and blocked them," Juan said. "They were pulled all the way back here by the shed and when he pulled in, his headlights hit the van and there was someone loading something into the van."

Juan said the teens then started jumping the fences to get away. Miguel Mata called the police, who arrived with dogs and chased the suspects back to a house on West Perry Avenue.

The suspects: Elijah Parson, 19, Jacob Oakley, 18, Derek Daly, 18, and the fourth – a juvenile – were caught and charged with burglary and obstructing official business. Juan said he believes they targeted his mother's home.

"The one was…I guess not my friend, but I thought he was my friend," he said. "They knew no one was going to be here."

The teens almost got away with TVs, computers, and nearly every other item of value.

"I don't even know how to explain it," Juan said. "I don't want to leave her here alone now, you know?"

He said his mother did not sleep the first night, but is doing better now that the suspects are behind bars.

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