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Group that helps domestic violence victims on verge of closing

Kathy Newlove started Alicia's Voice in memory of her daughter (pictured). Kathy Newlove started Alicia's Voice in memory of her daughter (pictured).
BOWLING GREEN, OH (Toledo News Now) -

Alicia's Voice has helped more than 1400 victims of domestic violence get back on their feet.  Due to lack of donations, however, it appears the organization will be forced to close its doors.

Kathy Newlove started the Alicia's Voice just 10 days after her daughter was killed.

"My daughter was murdered to domestic violence, leaving behind four children. I knew that something had to change. I couldn't let another family go through what our family was going through... or another woman go through what Alicia went through."

The organization helps victims by paying for deposits on apartments, making car repairs, putting in alarm systems and paying utilities.

After the economy got bad, Newlove says the donations stopped coming in the way they used to. The current plan is to shut down at the end of February.

"We're all devastated by it," said Newlove. "We don't want this to happen. I mean, this is Alicia's legacy and I am her voice. I don't want that to end."

On February 16, the organization is holding a "Big, Fat, Tacky Wedding Reception" fundraiser. However, Newlove says she'll be forced to cancel that as well if more people don't sign up to attend.

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