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Springfield police train teachers in light of Sandy Hook shooting


In light of the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary in Connecticut, Springfield police are training teachers how to respond to potential intruders.

The group of principals and school administrators from across the city never thought they'd have to come a training seminar like this one.

"Honestly you try not to think about it. And everyone's saying you never think it will happen to you," said Derek Conway, student management coordinator at Sabis International Charter School.

But after the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary that left 20 first-graders and six teachers dead, teachers came face to face with the possibility that tragedy can happen anywhere.

Springfield police knew they had to implement training.

"We want to make sure that what happened in Sandy Hook doesn't happen in Springfield," said Sgt. John Delaney.

In this three-week seminar, school workers will learn the basics of self-defense.

"It's there to empower them that if they're ever confronted in the hallway with whatever might happen, the unexpected, that they're prepared for it," Delaney said.

For many of these teachers and principals, the elementary school shooting hits close to home.

That's why Jenny Santana-Molin came.

"Working in a front office, it's scary ... it's very scary, but it feels good to learn," she said.

Since the shooting, Springfield police have taken steps, including sending officers to elementary schools.

Police say the training will give parents across the city peace of mind.

"I'm a parent. Every parent that dropped their kids off the next day at school after this tragedy, it was in their mind that, 'My God, I'm leaving my kids here in the custody of these people, are they going to be able to keep them safe?' Well we're doing that right now," Delaney said.

And teachers say they're eager to bring their training back to their schools.

"Going back to the school, being able to let them know how to get out of situations that could potentially be dangerous," Conway said.

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