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EDITORIAL: Lucas County ranks 3rd in OH for smoking ban violations

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This week WTOL 11 anchor Jenna Lee took a hidden camera inside some Toledo bars to document patrons violating the statewide anti-smoking law. They were!

In fact, some of the bars have been repeatedly fined for noncompliance. Lucas County ranks third out of Ohio's 88 counties in complaints.

To date, more than $300,000 in fines have been assessed. Yet less than $10,000 has actually been collected. So there appears to be a clear disconnect between enactment and enforcement.

It seems the real losers are any of the employees who are forced to inhale second-hand smoke in order to keep the job. It's easy to say they could just quit, but that doesn't square with a 8 percent unemployment rate. It could be these employees have no better option.

The anti-smoking law was passed by a majority of voters for all of the right reasons. It doesn't add up that a handful of people can thumb their noses at everybody else. Second-hand smoke is a proven danger. Exposing employees to this danger seems a lot more callous than ignoring a fine.

Watch WTOL's special report on Smoking Violation Fees Owed.

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