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The family of Malissa Williams reacts to DeWine and deadly chase report

Attorney General Mike DeWine speaks about deadly chase findings Attorney General Mike DeWine speaks about deadly chase findings

With one sentence Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine summed up his two month investigation into the November chase and shooting death of Timothy Russell and Malissa Williams.

"Command failed, communications failed, the system failed," said DeWine in a news conference Tuesday.

The blame is mostly pointed at the bosses. Commanders that night accused by DeWine of not taking control of the situation. He also concluded that 59 of the 62 patrol cars never had permission, which is department policy,  to join the chase.

But DeWine stops short of blaming the officers when it comes to the actual shooting.

"By failing to provide the adequate and necessary structure and support system it's self failed the officers," according to the Attorney General.

Tuesday night we tracked down family of Malissa Williams.

"I felt really good. I was happy without, with what he was saying. I was very happy with it." Renee Robinson was Malissa's cousin. Her family is thanking DeWine for what appears to be a thorough investigation but now they want justice, and say everyone involved should pay.

"To be honest, they all need to be punished because they took a loved one from me, from us our family," Robinson told 19 Action News Reporter Dan DeRoos.

We do have to note Malissa was found to have been high on crack cocaine at the time, to which Robinson says that's not a death sentence.

"People do drugs, but it ain't no reason for you to give her, not no 137 shots in no car."

Yet DeWine did make the blanket statement many have said from the beginning.

"To state the obvious, the exchange could've ended without tragic results if Timothy Russell had simply stopped the car in response to the police pursuit."

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