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Bowling Green Police release 2012 crime stats

BOWLING GREEN, OH (Toledo News Now) -

The Bowling Green Police Department has released its annual crime report, and while some things improved in 2012, there are areas of crime getting worse.

Officers are coming off of a year where crime has gone up in nearly every area, from vandalism to drunk driving, especially in downtown Bowling Green.

One are of improvement was resisting arrest charges.

In 2012, the department decided to arm officers with Tasers. The number of people resisting arrest decreased from 99 in 2011 to 59 in 2012.

"Officers have experienced a large amount of resisting incidents where they had to go hands on with people, resulting in higher officer injury levels, as well as suspect injuries, said Deputy Chief Tony Hetrick. That was the driving force behind implementing the Taser program.

The department also updated its radio and antenna equipment in 2012, which officials say has helped to provide a stronger signal, improving crime fighting in the community.

However, the number of OVI arrests in 2012 had a significant jump.

"OVI has always been a problem for this community, as it is throughout the state of Ohio," said Hetrick. "We have very good, skilled officers who are very good at catching drunk drivers. We put an emphasis on that in our operations…and that bares out in these numbers."

With downtown bars being a popular hangout spot for both college students and tourists, officers say many of their OVI arrests are of Bowling Green State University and people traveling in the city.

"People travel to come here to enjoy the downtown area, and a lot of the time they leave intoxicated. Our officers are very skilled at finding those people," said Hetrick.
Some college students say, they've noticed police stepping up patrol this year.

"Living off campus this year, I see a lot more cops out," said Taylor Wenger, sophomore at Bowling Green State University. "I see a lot of people pulled over, and it seems like they're cracking down."

According to Deputy Chief Hetrick, the police department is working to update and install more street cameras downtown in high crime areas by spring, as a tool to help catch lawbreakers in 2013.

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