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Bowling Green Police: More crime cameras to come

BOWLING GREEN, OH (Toledo News Now) -

 The Bowling Green Police Department wants to have more cameras installed on street corners to help officers fight crime.

Statistics from 2012 show crime in the city rose in several areas from 2011, including vandalism and drunk driving.

"We had an increase in just about every area of crime, but our arrests are up as well," said Deputy Chief Tony Hetrick. "We've been able to do that with fewer officers."

The department is currently short five officers, so they're hoping more cameras posted above street signs in areas with a history of high crime will serve as officers' extra set of eyes.

Officials have three areas in mind for adding cameras: the intersections of South Church and West Wooster Streets, Court and Main Streets, and North Prospect and East Wooster Streets.

According to officers, these are trouble spots.

Police say they're current cameras, funded by Homeland Security in 2011, are at are getting older and becoming less useful.

"Those cameras are kind of dated now. The quality of the picture is not good," said Hetrick. "We want to upgrade those and add some additional cameras to those areas where we think we need some better coverage."

According to Hetrick, the Bowling Green Community Foundation will likely pay for the new cameras through a grant offered to the police department.

The cameras are expected to cost between $10,000 to $15,000.

Police hope to have the new cameras up and running by this spring.

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