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BGSU police to retire early

Several BGSU police may retire this year. Several BGSU police may retire this year.
BOWLING GREEN, OH (Toledo News Now) -

Changes in legislation affecting how and when police officers can retire are causing some officers at Bowling Green State University's (BGSU) police department to retire sooner than they planned.

Now the police force is left searching for replacements.

"It's a tough choice and I understand, we want them to do what's best for them," said Police Chief Monica Moll. "But as you can imagine, having up to eight people leave this year can be quite a challenge."

 Among the changes are provisions that officers with 25 years of service would have to decide to retire by the end of the year in order to get grandfathered into current conditions - which provide health care after retirement, as well as a costs of living increase yearly after leaving the force.

These changes have swayed at least three officers so far. Now the department has to juggle some things around.

"We just have to put some of the projects we were working on internally at the department on the back burner," Moll explained. "Our priority is patrol Patrol is the backbone of any police department. That's where you want your resources and your personnel."

With officers retiring, the department has room to hire fresh faces. They are currently accepting applications for anywhere from two to eight new officers until Friday, February 8.

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