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Ending the eyesore: Fremont property to be cleaned

FREMONT, OH (Toledo News Now) -

A property owner in Fremont has been warned to clean up his lot or face charges.

On Monday, crews with Abdoo Wrecking worked to clear out bricks, trash and other debris covering the ground at 425 North Wood Street, where Yerges Manufacturing was once located.

The old building collapsed two years ago, and the pile of rubble has sat virtually untouched since then.

An employee at a nearby business, who chose to remain anonymous said, "It bothers me all day being here at work looking at it." She added,"I hope it would bother the people living around it. There are probably rodents in that mess, and kids run around here, so you never know if one of them will get in there and get hurt."

Current property owner, Justin Terry, was told by city officials, he needed to clean up the debris until the property was level.

Records at the Fremont Municipal Court show Fire Chief Dave Foos filed five complaints with City Hall on October 24, 2012, declaring the property a public nuisance.

Terry could face misdemeanor charges for failure to abate a public nuisance and failure to comply with an ordinance, in addition to having to pay court fees, if his property is not cleared by Monday.

A pre-trail hearing for Terry is planned for 1 p.m., Tuesday.

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