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New rules on RTA buses?

Cleveland RTA bus fight caught on tape Cleveland RTA bus fight caught on tape

Millions of people across the world watched on Youtube a violent confrontation on an RTA bus in Cleveland involving a bus driver and a female passenger.

It all went viral.

Now Cleveland City Councilman Kevin Conwell is trying to put an end to this type of shenanigans on RTA buses.

He wants the city to increase the penalty for attacking a driver to a first degree misdemeanor -- upping the penalties too  $1,000.00 fine and six months in jail.

"We have to raise the misery index to make sure the red hot stove effect. If you touch it there we will burn you," said Kevin Conwell.

RTA bus driver Greg Vranekovic got whacked in the face for scolding a man who came through the rear door.

"He punched me in the face repeatedly came out of nowhere and then he got off the bus," said Greg Vranekovic.

Conwell says his new RTA by laws include no music unless you are using earphones, no smoking, eating or drinking and no tossing things at buses.

Councilman Conwell is also asking RTA to allow police and sheriff deputies a free ride on buses to beef up security.

"People deserve to have a pleasant ride without hearing foul language. People deserve to ride on RTA with out witnessing fights on RTA," added Conwell.

Conwell is introducing new legislation at Monday's City Council meeting.

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