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Hancock County looks to update warning sirens

HANCOCK COUNTY, OH (Toledo News Now) -

Villagesin Hancock County are in desperate need of an update to their outdoor emergencywarning sirens.

Currently,many residents would not hear the sirens telling them to seek shelter. Due to anarrow banding change, the sheriff's office is no longer in control of thesirens, 10 of which need an upgrade. Only a handful of fire departments in thecounty have the ability to turn the sirens on.

Atemporary fix is to install a patch that will communicate with all the sirens.

"It'sa radio module to send out a tone to each of the sirens to set them off," saidLee Swisher, director of the Hancock County Emergency Management Agency.

HancockCounty Sheriff Michael Heldman said the temporary fix should be set up in acouple days.

Thefinal upgrade will cost around $10,000, but county commissioners have alreadyagreed to foot the bill.

"It'salways a safety issue," Swisher said. "That's why we're asking people to stayinformed. Luckily we're not in the severe weather season right now, that's whywe're trying to get the patch in place before it happens because [the upgrade is]weeks away."

Thesirens were initially scheduled to be fixed by the first of the year. Repairsare now expected to be complete in the next few months.

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