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Locker room fight goes viral

Locker room fight goes viral Locker room fight goes viral
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Another school fight, posted online and now it's gone viral, and lots of talk about it being from Warrensville Heights.

It is the latest example of a growing problem in schools. People putting video of fights, this one in a girls locker room on web sites that specialize in them.

The video is drawing all the attention because a bullied girl slaps the other girl silly. Her posse doesn't do a thing to help her. Online there are references to this being in Warrensville Heights.

So Reporter Paul Orlousky took the video there. Business Manager Mark Fritz's initial reaction was that the lockers didn't look like any of their schools.

He checked and was right. We now know it is from a school in Texas. But the question remains, why the perverted interest in a cat fight. Another concern, is it real, or staged for the Internet.

It appears it is real. As does one 19 Action News recently aired at John Adams High School that we brought to the administrations attention. But this one at John Adams appears staged.

Which brings up the final question. What do to about it? You could ban cell phones with cameras in schools. But lots of districts already do that and videos continue to appear. Or you could do what Cleveland Schools have done since we showed the the John Adams video about three weeks ago. Ignore the situation.

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