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Carl Monday Exclusive: Bogus collector cards

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Jim Berry and his son bought packs of TOPPS Chrome Collector cards at two Wal-Mart Stores.  The Chrome cards are a big deal among collectors. 

Some are limited edition, even one-of-a-kind cards.  But when the Berry's began opening the packs, they found cards from different manufacturers and previous years.  The cards were essentially worthless.

Carl Monday learned more about the scam.  Seems crafty collectors are buying packs or boxes of big ticket cards and taking them home.  There, they carefully cut the packs open with a razor blade, pull out the prime cards, and replace them with what amounts to worthless cardboard before resealing the packs. They return the cards to the store for a refund, then re-sell the Chrome cards---some for more than a hundred dollars a apiece.

Even Jay Suich, who's been collecting cards since the 70's got duped.  He bought a box of Chrome Topps at Toys R Us.  Like the Berry's he began opening the individual packs, only to find what he calls "garbage cards."

Said Suich, "when I opened them up I was like, what?  How do I have all these cards in here!" 

19 Action News bought some TOPPS Football cards at both Wal-Mart and Toys R Us.  When we returned the cards later that day, a Wal-Mart clerk casually inspected the merchandise.  A clerk at Toys4Us never took a second look to see if the packs had been tampered with.

Monday and his team contacted TOPPS and the two stores.  Toys R Us referred the station to a Toy & hobby trade group.  TOPPS did not respond to our request for information.

But Wal-Mart, the nation's largest retailer, apologized to anyone who may have been taken.  Wal-Mart has also promised to take any information to the proper authorities to investigate.

Still, not a Super Sunday for fans like Jim Berry, who says "it was depressing.  These people aren't doing the right thing.  It's not fair."

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