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Firefighters continue raking in OT

A 19 Action News investigation has found Cleveland firefighters taking home more than $30,000 in overtime. This comes despite our investigation into the department's ongoing pay scandal and reform from the city.

We requested records of firefighters and bosses inside the department earning the most overtime in 2012. Those records show Michael Fogarty earned $35,000 in OT, Joseph Shiner took home $31,000 and the third ranking member in the department, spokesman Larry Gray, had $29,000 in overtime.

The startling figures come after Cleveland city hall changed work rules for firefighters, to control the payroll. In an investigation, we exposed that some firefighters were getting paid and not working.

The firefighters union points out some firefighters simply work extra hours more than others. City hall says some overtime can be traced to major events for the city. They also say the reform laws passed, only went into effect a few months ago.

Meantime, 19 Action News has learned the city is merging the fire department and EMS service. The city tells us that may save money as well.

We have the list of the 10 firefighters and supervisors earning the most overtime last year.

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