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Officials project $4.2M red light camera revenue for 2013

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) -

The city of Toledo has collected $2,954,839 in red light camera fines. Since the city has more camera locations and is receiving a larger split of each ticket from the vendor, red light camera revenue projections for 2013 total $4.2 million.

"We renegotiated the contract and got terms that are much better for the city. We now get more than three-quarters of all of the take for each one of the infractions. That means the revenue is going to go up even with the same number of infractions. We put additional sites in place last year around the same time as the contract changed. The combination of those two things meant we got significantly more revenues," explained Patrick McLean, Toledo finance director.

McLean says the city monitored revenue during the last few months in 2012 before boosting those projections.

Toledoan Mark Thomas says while the city is making money from those cameras, he thinks they are crucial tools for public safety.

"Nobody wants to see children slaughtered out here by vehicles and people's foolishness. If it's going to cost you a little money to save lives, pick your poison," said Thomas. 

While the Toledo Police Department does not have a study to see if cameras are making intersections safer, a new study conducted by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety conducted in Arlington, VA, shows red light running rates have declined there.  

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