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Super Bowl Ads 2013: Best & Worst

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OK we have A LOT of contenders for the best Super Bowl Ad of 2013 and we want to know what you think about them!

We've come to expect something great every year from the Budweiser Clydesdales - and boy do they deliver. Grab the Kleenex on that one.

Every mom and dad will appreciate Kia Sorrento commercial where Dad does his best to explain where babies come from. Baby Planet! We're remember that one for when our kids ask us the same question.

Of course - Some ads come with controversy this year. There are complaints from different groups that Volkswagon's use of a Jamaican accent is racist, and that Coke portrays Arabs in an unflattering light.

As for the clunkers of the group? The Taco Bell one is kind of odd for us. Are they making fun of old people or celebrating their awesomeness? We hope for the latter but we're not sure they deliver.

More standouts: Every fan of Breaking Bad will love the Samsung Mobile ad (looks like they called Saul). Plus, Paul Rudd and Seth Rogan are hilarious as always. And that's apparently just a teaser ad so we're betting the full meal deal is going to be fantastic.

And we were prepared not to like the Allstate ad (the Mayhem guy is funny but maybe kind of and old concept) but - they got us. Very cool, very funny. We like the Mayhem guy again.

As for the best? Well, we're not sure we can make that call on our own. Click through our favorites on this page - then visit our Facebook Page and let us know in the comments which ad you liked the best.

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