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Four ways to cut costs when you're out shopping

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Whether it's mom or dad out there managing the family budget - it's always nice to hear a few tips that help save cash when you're out shopping. Whether you're hitting the grocery store or the mall - we have the top 4 ways you can keep money where it belongs: in YOUR wallet.

1)      First: Be a "perimeter shopper" at the supermarket. Shopping the outer aisles is cheaper and the food there is less processed and healthier. Bonus! 

2)      Second: Go green and save money at the same time: use vinegar to clean floors, bathrooms, glass, etc. The smell goes away when it dries – it's cheap, and it's non toxic!

3)      Third: We always hear about buying in bulk but – it's only worth it if you use your meat or dairy before it expires. So here's the twist. Know what you need in advance, find a friend to shop with, buy your bulk and split it up. 

4)      Fourth: Here's our favorite -and it's probably just for the ladies out there - Organize a clothing swap! Have something cute but it just doesn't work for you? Instead of heading to the mall to find new clothes, gather up a few of your friends, invite them to bring over some gently used treasures, set a minimum number of pieces for each to bring, drink some wine, and trade away!

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