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Adrian leaders pushing to add income tax on May ballot

ADRIAN, MI (Toledo News Now) -

People in Lenawee County's city of Adrian could have a very tough choice ahead of them: Approve an income tax or see the city make major cuts. It's an issue city leaders are working to get on the May ballot.

Leaders say they have already made cuts. With state funding and revenue from property taxes declining, they might have to make even more.

"The commission is going to have to make some very difficult decisions about loss of services, you know. We're talking - in this case - probably entire departments of the city," said city administrator Dane Nelson.

That's why city leaders are considering a 1 percent income tax for those who work and live in the city and a .5 percent income tax for those who live elsewhere but work in the city.

"The goal would be for people who use our services that work here and don't pay for them, to actually help them contribute for the quality of life that they also enjoy in Adrian," explained Nelson.

Before that income tax can happen, voters need to approve it.

"Personally, from a financial standpoint, it makes good sense for the city," said Thomas Boldt, who works in Adrian. "I think it's going to be a hard sell to citizens of the community because they're going to look at it as another tax."

Not everyone is alright with another tax.

"I would be absolutely opposed to it. The people are paying enough taxes as it is and Lenawee County is really hurting," said resident Shana Laut.

Some worry about the impact this could have on business and development in the city.

"We're in a state where we're not getting enough jobs - new jobs into our area - especially that to put another tax on the people is just not fair," said resident Deborah Jones.

Resident Joan Poling agreed.

"We're having a hard enough time as it is keeping what we got running, let alone anything going out of business," said Poling.

The proposal is in very early stages. City leaders are still considering other ways to bring in revenue. Nelson says this income tax plan could help decrease property tax.

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