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13-year old kicked out of school after hit list is found in his backpack


According to Amherst Police, on Monday January 28th, the principal at Amherst Junior High School found what no school staff member wants to find -- a hit list. 

It was reported that Principal Ryan Coleman found the list in a student's agenda book.

Apparently a 13-year-old boy wrote the hit list that contained names of students and faculty and that even the principal's name was included.

The list was said to have 46 entries on the piece of paper with some of the names written multiple times.

After being notified Lt. Dan Jasinski said that a trip was made to the boy's home and it was clear that the boy had no means of carrying out any threats.

Lt. Dan Jasinski said the eighth grader had been writing the "hit list" for months.

Once the police determined there was nothing substantial behind it, all the parents of the children were contacted and made aware of the situation.

"None of the children took the list seriously.  They looked at the hit list as more of a joke than anything else and they never felt they were in danger," said Lt. Jasinski.

The Amherst Police were praised for their handling the situation.

The parents who had questions spoke to the principal and were appreciative of Coleman being open.

The principle says the boy has been suspended and will be recommended for expulsion.

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