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Sylvania PD to honor plow driver for stopping wrong-way driver

George Seambos George Seambos
SYLVANIA, OH (Toledo News Now) -

Sylvania Police say they planto honor an ODOT plow driver who took action to stop an allegedly drunk drivertraveling the wrong way on the highway, even though the driver says he was justdoing his job.

Police say plow driver GeorgeSeambos was turning around in the median of US 23 near the Ohio Michigan stateline just after 2 a.m. Saturday when he saw a car going the wrong way in thesouthbound lanes.

"[There were] so many thingsrunning through my head," Seambos said. "Do I let him get around me? Do I blockhim? I mean, if I would have pulled off, he could have hit the guy behind me."

Seambos pulled into the road,forced the driver to turn around, and then followed him off the highway, tookthe keys from his car at a stop light and called 911.

"The light turned green andhe didn't move," he explained. "I thought, ‘I can't let this guy go on anyfurther, he almost killed me or killed someone in a head-on collision.'"

Despite putting himself inpotential danger, Seambos says he was just doing his job: keeping the roadssafe for drivers.

"I'd probably do it again,like I said that's what I'm there to do, and I feel good about myself knowing Isaved him or saved the next family that was behind him," said Seambos.

The accused wrong-way driver,65-year-old Dennis Zika, has been charged with OVI.

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