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Get ready to pay more when it comes to your license plates


If the State gets its way all of us will be paying more for our license plates and we'll pay more often.

People we talked to today say it seems like a money grab by the state.

"I think it's a good idea. Cause I see a lot of plates that are old and you can hardly read 'em, they're faded and rusted off," said Ronald Mowicki. 

Then he heard that regardless of the condition of the plates, the State wants to hit drivers up for a tax on new tags whether they're needed or not, he changed his mind, "I don't go for that."

The older plates with the gold tint and the red, white and blue Bicentennial plates, under the proposal from the Department of Public Safety, will have to go.

"I think it's another way they're going to work on getting some more money out of us, especially if it's not needed, not warn down and somebody can sit there and still read the license plate, doesn't make a lot of sense to me," one driver told us.

Speaking of sense, the State hopes to rake in another $5 million from the 12 million vehicles registered in Ohio.

"And what do we get back for it? That would be really interesting to find out. An extra bill, an extra bill. That's par for the course," said resident Paul Pennyman.

Nearly 800,000 drivers with personalized plates will have to pay even more, but that price has not been determined yet. 

The only want to put the brakes on these fees is to make your voices heard.

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