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Sandusky County auditor “double-dipping”

SANDUSKY COUNTY, OH (Toledo News Now) -

Sandusky County Auditor William Farrell has been accusedof "double-dipping" – collecting a pension payout in addition to a governmentpaycheck.

Farrell retired in November, but has been re-appointed.So he cashed in on his previous pension plan, and is collecting a salary fromthe county, as well.

"The state of Ohio really can't afford to pay peopletheir full salary plus their retirement benefits," said Rep. Rex Damschroder.

"Double-dipping" by public employees costs the state ofOhio nearly one billion dollars per year. But Damschroder said that whatFarrell and other employees are doing is currently completely legal.

"It's not something that you should fault the publicemployees for using, because it is the law," he said. "They're merely followingthe law. However, I do fault the legislature because I think this should bechanged."

Damschroder said he is working on changing the law. Hepreviously introduced a bill that would eliminate "double-dipping," but itdied. He said he will revise the bill and bring it up again, though.

"It's not fair to the public," said Geanie Bollenbacher,a Sandusky County resident. But other residents said there are more importantissues to worry about.

Farrell himself said he is protecting his old pension,and reaffirmed that everything he's doing is legal. Damschroder said he willcontinue to push for change.

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