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East side residents frustrated with city

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) -

Folks who live in east Toledo are proud, passionate and hard working.

But many of them feel city hall treats the rest of the city better, ignoring the east side and concerns of residents.

"I have heard this refrain over and over again, nobody does anything for the east side," said resident Linda Keating.

Saturday afternoon, three Toledo City Council members hosted a town hall meeting to hear about neighborhood concerns.

At times, it became contentious and tempers flared.

Council members Mike Craig and Shawn Enright live in East Toledo.

Council President Joe McNamara grew up there.

About 100 people squeezed into Michael's Cafe to give them an earful.

"We need to start building up the east side and building up the people of the east side, not shoot them down," said Marsha Taylor.

"East Toledo definitely is a community that wants to maintain its sense of family and grow," added Ms. Keating.

Residents cite problems with crime, neighborhood nuisances and street paving.

They're still burned by the demolition of the Toledo Sports Arena and its replacement, the Huntington Center, built in downtown Toledo.

Where the Sports Arena once stood is the long promised Marina District. The land is still vacant.

"You have a scenic view. It should be developed and I am equally frustrated nothing has happened," said Mr. McNamara.

The other two council members are frustrated too.

They empathize with their constituents' complaints.

"Everyone thinks that they're not getting their fair share when really there just isn't enough to go around," said Mr. Craig.

"We'll sit down with the powers that be and make sure we can help them out. Got to start with the Mayor's office now," added Mr. Enright.

For now, there's frustration in East Toledo yet hope that someone in city government will address their concerns.

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