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Leading Edge with Jerry Anderson – January 27, 2013

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) -

Last week President Obama announced a series of efforts to reduce gun violence in the United States. Among them was a recommendation to congress to renew a ban on assault weapons.  University of Toledo professor of communications and noted author on the subject of gun control Dr. Brain Patrick says efforts to control guns, and attack the gun lobby politically often have the opposite effect. Hear what he has to say about Obama's plan, Sandy Hook and the National Rifle Association.

For the past two weeks on Leading Edge, Jerry has spoken with members of council about the controversial appointment of Shaun Enright.  This week, hear from Enright himself on the appointment, his plans for the city and controversy about a criminal incident early in his life.

The eyes of the world turned to Washington D.C. this week and President Obama was inaugurated for his second term. A Toledo woman had a front row seat, and later met with the President in the Oval Office.  Kenyetta Jones, a veteran General Motors employee, was named one of eight Citizen Co-Chairs for the President's reelection campaign.  Hear what Jones thought of the inauguration, and where she hopes President Obama will take the nation in the next four years.

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