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Perrysburg council tries again for bus levy

PERRYSBURG, OH (Toledo News Now) -

The Perrysburg City Council will take a vote next week on a proposal that will ask voters to restore bus service to the city.  

Last November, voters turned down a proposal on a new transit system. Now it looks like they'll get another shot at it on the May 7 ballot.

If approved, the same planned St. Louis company would run the buses. The only difference: The millage is smaller.

It was 1.45 mills in November. This time around, just 0.8.

"I certainly hope that a 40 percent cost reduction will make a difference to about 200 voters, which is all it failed by before," said Perrysburg Councilman Todd Grayson.

Rosa Linda Brown is disabled and said not having public transportation is an inconvenience. She set up a phone system for disabled and able-bodied residents to call when they need a lift somewhere. Volunteers drive them to work, church, grocery stores or appointments.

"And now I have to schedule myself to work around others so I'm not inconveniencing others," Brown explained. "You don't want to put people out."

Perrysburg voters bailed from TARTA because of high taxes and low participation. The new system will focus on local dial-a-ride/door-to-door service.

And if commuters want to hook up with TARTA and travel outside of Perrysburg?

"The halfway point is we'll meet in Maumee or Rossford at Meijer, [and they] can connect at fixed TARTA stops," Grayson said. "Anyone who wants to commute absolutely could."

He added that he feels sorry for the people who used TARTA in Perrysburg, but said the city had to get out of what he called a "horrible contract" with TARTA.

"This is the right thing to do for the rider," he said. "Right thing to do for the city, right thing to do for the taxpayer."

Grayson expects the full council to send the levy to voters.   

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