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Board of Elections to monitor employee emails

LUCAS COUNTY, OH (Toledo News Now) -

The Lucas County Board of Elections voted Tuesday to better monitor their employees' emails.

Board Chairman Ron Rothenbuhler said someone within the board was sending emails to the Secretary of State questioning the board's budget that had been drawn up. Rothenbuhler said didn't know about the emails until Secretary of State officials asked him about them two weeks ago.

So to be better in the loop, the board voted to make all emails sent from top-level managers go to the board at the same time they go to their boss, the Secretary of State.

"I don't know if we can preempt a problem, but I know this: Part of the solution should be that we know about internal issues before the Secretary of State does, at the board level," Rothenbuhler said. "Maybe we can solve some of these problems. Maybe we can put the fire out before it becomes a bonfire."

He said he doesn't know who sent the emails to the Secretary of State, but he will know of these issues in the future.

The vote was something the board could legally do, although it may be controversial.

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