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Police hand out citations at Fallen Timbers Mall

One of the signs that drivers are missing or ignoring. One of the signs that drivers are missing or ignoring.
MAUMEE, OH (Toledo News Now) -

Maumee Police are cracking down on drivers at a busy intersection by the Fallen Timbers Mall, where many drivers are not obeying road signs.

Police said they are done with giving warnings. The exit from the shopping complex to get on US-24 east is marked "no left turn," but drivers are ignoring it.

 "If they will turn right and avoid that left turn in front of oncoming traffic, [it will be] much safer for all of us," said Sgt. TJ Stratton of the Maumee Police Department.

There are about 10 signs that tell drivers of the change that came with construction last year. Drivers must now turn right and go around the clover leaf, but many are still being defiant. Some, however, are still unaware of the changes.

"I think they are just not seeing it," said Valerie Giovannucci, who did not know until recently. "It's kind of just like that getting on the expressway and going the wrong way kind of thing."

Police have been handing out $132 citations that put two points on drivers' licenses.

"They've actually told us that we need to stand out here and that we would get more done if we...just warned them," Stratton said.

The police said they can't just close the left turn off because of traffic coming from Jerome Road, but they may put up plastic barriers that would not damage a vehicle if it accidentally went through.

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