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Ottawa County ranked fourth highest in OH unemployment

OTTAWA COUNTY (WTOL) - Ottawa County is ranked fourth in the state of Ohio for joblessness.

A recent report show the unemployment rate sit at 10.9 percent in Ottawa County as of December, up from 9.5 percent in November.

Officials at Ottawa County Jobs and Family Services say the numbers are deceiving.

"We have a seasonal fluctuation with our unemployment rate," says director Stephanie Kowal. "It usually goes up about four or five percent higher than the state average around this time of year."

Kowal says between October to November and February to March, there's typically a spike in unemployment in Ottawa county, because that's when tourism dies down.

While some residents are out of work, they're collecting unemployment. Others turn to season working, heading out of Ohio.

"We have some folks that go to other states in the winter months looking for work, but then they're coming back," says Kowal. "Some don't work during that time, but in order to collect unemployment, they have to be looking for work no matter where they are."

Others turn to part time employment during the winter months.

Kowal says while many locals have gotten used to this schedule, for people who turn to the center looking for new employment, they're typically interested in healthcare and manufacturing openings.

Ottawa County Jobs and Family Services helps them create a resume and also provides computer access, allowing people to apply for jobs online.

According to Kowal, the center has already been contact by six businesses looking for workers to start planning for upcoming tourism season.

For more information, contact the Ottawa County Jobs and Family Services by calling (419) 898-3688.

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