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Ottawa County in talks to extend sales tax hike

OTTAWA COUNTY (WTOL) - A sales tax increase is set to expire in Ottawa County, but commissioners are hoping to extended it.

For the past three years, citizens have been paying a quarter percent increase in sales tax, but that will expire in June.

Jim Sass, president of the Ottawa County Board of Commissioners, says the county is considering extending the tax increase, either permanently or temporarily.

"In order to be able to provide services to the public at the level we are providing, at this point we do need that quarter percent additional money," says Sass.

The board of commissioners held a special meeting Wednesday morning to review existing and future financial challenges.

Sass says like many counties, Ottawa received a loss in funding from the state of Ohio, meaning they have less money to pay for some services for the county. Funding for constitutionally mandated services like court services, correctional services, and the board of elections can not be cut in order to save money.

Commissioner Sass says at this time, the board is not looking to increase the sales tax, just extending the current price that people are paying.

"We're not considering at this point increasing the sales tax. We're presently at 6.75 percent, and with keeping this quarter percent we would stay at 6.75 percent."

Before the tax increase can be extended, by law the county is required to hold two public hearings allowing the public to share their input.

Sass says the sales tax extension could end up on a ballot for the public to decide, or it could be passed as a resolution of the commissioners.

Commissioners have a meeting scheduled for the end of next week with other Ottawa County elected officials to continuing discussing this matter.

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