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Cold weather protocol for Toledo police, fire

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) – The bitter cold temperatures have Toledo Police and Fire on alert, as the local safety forces use ‘cold weather protocol' during extreme cold weather.

"For example, a car accident, we'll automatically dispatch a transport unit so crews are arriving simultaneously so no one has to be exposed for any unnecessary length of time to that cold," said Lt. Matt Hertzfeld with Toledo Fire and Rescue. "We can have TARTA buses show up if it's an extended incident."

Hertzfeld said that during extreme heat and extreme cold, they shorten shifts to decrease the amount of time emergency responders are exposed.

For police officers on patrol, they're looking out for people in distress.

"We look for homeless people that may be in danger," said Sgt. Joe Heffernan of the Toledo Police Department. "One thing that can happen once somebody gets into hypothermia condition, their reasoning gets faulty."

Patrols also look out for potential cases of pets being left out in the cold.

"When the temperatures reach this level it could be very dangerous for them," Heffernan said. "We'll run into situations where we respond to calls of dogs that have been outside too long."        

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