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Not all districts closed for cold Tuesday

Students walking to school Tuesday. Students walking to school Tuesday.

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) – Low temperatures caused some Toledo school districts to close or delay on Tuesday. Toledo Public Schools (TPS) was not one of them, to the dismay of some parents.

When the forecast calls for bitter cold temperatures, school districts have to decide whether to keep school in session or not. Dr. Jerome Pecko of TPS said the district made their decision early Tuesday morning.

"We know that once the children get into our schools, that they're going to be protected from the conditions we have outside," he said. "And that's very important…The problem for us is we have to juggle the value of education with decisions like that."

But it wasn't the facilities that had parents upset.

Courtney Clouse drives her children to school each day, but she said there are plenty of kids in the district stuck walking.

"I've seen multiple kids walking to school today, and their faces were so red," Clouse said. "I felt so bad for these kids."

TPS said they decide each closure on a case-by-case basis. They said the safety and education of their students is their top priority, and they will close if conditions are unsafe. But not all parents agree.

"They say they care about our students, but do they really care when our students have hypothermia, or are freezing when they get into school?" Clouse asked.

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