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Two girls want a puppy... and they get their wish

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By now, you've probably heard of "Two Girls and a Puppy," especially if you're a fan of the Toledo News Now Facebook page.

Our story about the two siblings who desperately wanted a new pet went viral on its own - separate from the Facebook page the girls created, which exploded even bigger than ours.

Point is - lots of people know about the girls and their quest for puppy-ownership, but no one knew if they actually got one.

Well, now we have an update.

The story? The family lost their dog to cancer a few months ago. All five kids, lead by two precocious sisters, begged mom and dad for a puppy, but parents were reluctant to give in.

Finally, Dad offered them a deal. He told the girls that if they got one million likes on Facebook, he'd get them a puppy. He never thought they'd get it.

It took them 13 hours.

Several national news appearances and a viral Facebook page later, the girls got their chance to visit the North Shore Animal League in Long Island to pick out - you guessed it - their very own snuggly ball of fur.

They found the perfect pet: a cuddly little mixed-breed puppy who was in need of a home.

A few signed papers, a couple of vaccines, and a plane ride later, the family was home, along with their four-legged new addition.

This is a story with a happy ending - it's safe to say here that "They all lived happily ever after."

Except there's one more detail: The name. What do you name a puppy powered by millions of likes?


Of course.


Two girls & a puppy

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