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Don't Waste Your Money: Are cheap tablets too good to be true?

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If money is tight in your house, or you have several children, buying an iPad for them is probably out of the question. But buying a low-priced tablet may be risky and not worth the trouble. 

This past Christmas season was the year of the tablet. Everyone wanted one and millions of people, including many children, found one in their stocking.

But now some of their parents are having buyer's remorse after trying to save money while making their kids happy.

Searched Online For Discount Tablets

Stephanie Pence's young daughters love playing with tablets. But a $500 iPad was out of the question, given their finances.

So this budget-watching mom did what many of us do: searched online.

"I Googled 'cheap tablets' and came up with a website called Everbuying.Com," Pence said.

So she ordered two Android tablets from the website for $75 each, so that each of her girls would have one.

The tablets arrived in time for the holidays, so it seemed like a great deal. That is, until Spence's daughters started using them.

Problems From Day One

"We noticed the speaker was busted on one of them," she said. "It made a crackling noise."

While the first tablet had a bad speaker, the second had a bad charging jack.

"The port on this second one, it doesn't want to charge," Pence said.

Pence decided to contact for an exchange, but then learned the company is in China.

She says she got little help from its web chat line.

"I was hoping to find some place else I could go to exchange it, or even [get] a refund," Pence said.

Pence says the company told her it would not issue a refund, but that she could mail them back to China at her expense, for an exchange or store credit.

We tried to help, but received no response after two e-mails to the company. has an 'F' rating from the Better Business Bureau for numerous unanswered complaints. The BBB has issued an alert on the business, saying mail to its U.S. address in California comes back as "Returned to Sender."

In addition, if you conduct a Google search for " complaint," you will find page after page of similar stories.

The Bottom Line

Pence has a message for anyone trying to save on a tablet for their kids: Beware of cheap tablets from retailers of which you have never heard.

"I guess it's kind of a you get what you pay for," Pence said.   

If you are looking at low-priced tablets, your best bet is to buy from a local or reputable online retailer - such as Best Buy, Target, or Amazon - that has a clear return policy if you have problems.

Remember: the cheaper the product, the more potential for trouble.

That way you don't waste your money.

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