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UT Republicans want concealed weapon rights on campus

Young Republicans discuss the resolution. Young Republicans discuss the resolution.

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) –The Young Republicans organization at the University of Toledo (UT) is speaking out for concealed weapon rights.

Currently, Ohio law bans concealed weapons from college campuses. The organization is currently working on a resolution to pass on to the university's student senate stating that people should be allowed to carry their concealed weapons on campus.

If it passes, the resolution would not change any policies but would issue the opinion that students believe the state law should be changed.

Students involved said they would feel safer if they or others were able to have their weapons with them because it could possibly prevent a situation like the Newtown, Conn. shooting.

"It's a Second Amendment right, but more than that, it's an inherent human right to self-defense and self-preservation that we feel every individual has," said Patrick Richardson. "Whether you're student or faculty, or on campus or not on campus, I feel those rights don't change."

UT professor Dr. Brian Patrick wrote two books on gun control and said there is evidence that concealed weapons do deter crime.

"As far as everyday crime, there's no doubt concealed carry can stop that," Patrick said. "Usually these don't result in shootings. There's a lot of defensive gun use in this country. They say, ‘I have a gun, leave me alone'...There's no body, no police report but there's a person who's hasn't been victimized."

UT Police Chief Jeff Newton is worried those weapons could get into the wrong hands.

"Theft is the most pervasive crime on campus, and the density of people in our residence halls and on our campus makes combating theft uniquely difficult," he said. "A stolen laptop has a negative effect on one person; a stolen gun can have a negative effect on many."

UT's student senate will vote on the issue Tuesday night.

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