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Toledo attorney gets ‘revenge porn’ websites shut down

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) -

A Toledo attorney says he has been successful in tracking down a couple of ‘revenge porn' websites, and having them shut down.

"Revenge porn is a recent phenomenon in which pornographers post nude images of their targets without their targets consent," said Kyle Bristow.

Bristow says he has represented clients who became victims on a couple of websites, in which people not only saw nude images of them, but also had access to personal contact information.

"Many victims of these websites receive hundreds of unwanted messages from strangers; some women actually had strangers approach them in person. As a lawyer I'm very interested in tracking down who's behind these websites so they can be brought to justice. One of the websites had a pay pal account associated with somebody in Mexico," said Bristow.  

Bristow says it might seem harmless to take a nude photo and send it to a boyfriend or girlfriend, but he is warning people once that photo is sent into cyber-space it's no longer in your control.

"The love interest might break up the relationship with them and low and behold the image appears online for retaliation and vindictive reasons," said Bristow.

Bristow says saving nude images on your computer could also put those photos at risk.

"If your computer is even stolen or if people hack into it or even if a computer repairman fixes your computer, you don't know where your documents will eventually be sent," said Bristow.  

Bristow says victims of ‘revenge porn' should seek legal representation.    

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