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Does it Work: Pocket Hose

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Pocket Hose promises to expand and contract itself so you don't have to lug around a heavy hose, but Does It Work?

Terry Ervin and his son, Terry Jr., both want to see if the shrinking, self-coiling Pocket Hose could help make chores easier. Terry Jr. waters his new dog daily, and in the cold temperatures, this hose could make things go faster.

First, we turn on the water. Just like the commercial shows, the hose starts immediately expanding. It expands to about 50 feet, as promised, and has no trouble spraying water. However, Terry Jr. has a bit of trouble turning the water off with the adapter at the end. 

Next, the big claim is "Pocket Hose recoils itself to its original size so you don't have to carry a heavy hose around your yard."

We let the pressure out, as directed, and watch to see if this hose returns to its small size where we can "fit it into a pocket." It contracts, but not enough to even reach the original spot where we're standing. That means we're still going to have to wind it back up, just like a regular hose.

"It's no different than a regular hose. It has the fun factor, one time. I wouldn't buy it. It's not made of material that's going to last a long time either," said Ervin.

It looks like it's back to carrying buckets of water for Terry Jr. 

We'll pass on the Pocket Hose, even though it does do half of what it claims. It earns a 'C-' on this Does It Work test.

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